I was fortunate enough to work with A Play On Nerds to create visual assets for their Sappy Crap podcast. The podcast is hosted by Steve Bauman and Jarman Day and they talk about their experience growing up in Florida during the 90's. With it being a new podcast, they needed an icon/logo, cover image, and banners for future episodes.

Growing up in the 90's myself it was a joy researching the shows, analog tech, and designs of the era. After searching through images I tried to distil the basic elements I wanted to incorporate into the project and started sketching ideas and making a note of some of the colors I might use. Once I had some strong ideas I moved forward with three designs, making 'clean sketches' of for the client to review.
After reviewing, the client loved the idea of the cassette tape and wanted to be sure to maintain the doodled or hand drawn style as it moved into final. The pale yellow, teal, and pink colors were approved as well as the concepts for the purple and black backgrounds. Now that I had approval I moved forward finalizing the designs with a cleaner illustration of the cassette tape and vectorized backgrounds that could be scaled as needed.
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