Let’s Do This One More Time…

I’m not Peter Parker. I’ve started some blogs in the past and now I’m doing it again. Well, it’s actually more of a continuation of my previous blog and refocusing of my website. I want to bring my artwork, my journey, and my learning all into one place. I’m very excited to add this area of learning because it’s an area that I personally am always active in AND I’m planning to share what I learn as I’m working through it.

To do this I’ll be starting…

AnimQuest! This will be a platform where I analyze and practice animation. I’ll focus on areas that I want to improve in personally (at least to start), with the added intent to share what I learn with any other animation adventurers that want to join me on this quest!

I’ll have more about that soon and how to get involved.

For now, I just have to get this website up and running.

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