My name is Justin Milgate. I am a flannel-wearing California transplant that is happy to call the Pacific Northwest home. I am an animator, freelance illustrator, father and husband. I have always been fascinated with animation, everything from the process to the final result has captured my imagination and inspired me. After a roundabout journey, I find myself doing something I have always dreamed of doing and only recently started believing it to be a possibility.

Keep exploring this site to learn more and see what I’m up to.

favorite projects

If you have any animation projects or just want to say hi, please get in touch. I’d love to connect.

recent posts

Pitcher Studies

I am always trying to improve my ability to communicate ideas through drawings, and gesture drawing has been a particular focus for me. Even as a 3D Animator, being able to quickly sketch…


Gokon Tekko Paper Sculpture

This is a cut paper sculpture that I made as a tribute piece to my favorite manga series BLEACH. This design is based on the Gokon Tekko on the bottom of Kisuke Urahara’s…


Sappy Crap Podcast

I was fortunate enough to work with A Play On Nerds to create visual assets for their Sappy Crap podcast. The podcast is hosted by Steve Bauman and Jarman Day and they talk about their experience growing up in Florida during…


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